Rare Diseases in Cancer and Treatment

rare cancer might be a subtype of a most common cancer. Rare cancers include thyroid cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and mouth cancer. There are also many rare cancers most people will not be familiar with. Although the incidence of individual rare cancers is low, as a collective they represent nearly a quarter of all cancers, more than any single common cancer. Rare cancers have been divided into two groups: cancers defined by their unusual histogenesis (cell of origin or differentiation state) and histologically defined subtypes of common cancers. The presence of specific genetic variants provides rationale for the testing of targeted drugs in rare cancers and they represent roughly 20% of all human cancers and are associated with worse survival. Diagnosis of rare cancers may consume a lot of time and about one in five rare cancers affect the blood and lymphatic system. Rare cancers caused by simple genetic mutations and common cancers tend to be caused by a complex set of genetic and epigenetic aberrations that continually grow in number as the tumor develops. A cancer is considered to be rare.


  • Carcinoma
  • sarcoma
  • melanoma
  • lymphoma
  • Leukemia

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