Different types of Rare Diseases

Rare Disease is theoretically defined as a disease that is found in fewer than 5 people per every 10,000 people. While we’ve all heard of diseases, seen someone with a disease, and had a disease personally, it’s unlikely that we’ve encountered a rare disease. In the non-medical world, people use and exchange disease to mean infection, sickness, illness, or something similar. In the medical world, a disease is an abnormal condition that impairs bodily functions and is often associated with certain signs and symptoms. Most rare diseases (also known as orphan diseases) are genetic, and as a result are present throughout the person's entire life, even if symptoms do not immediately appear.

  • Rare Autoimmune Disorders
  • Rare Bone Diseases
  • Rare Cancer
  • Rare Blood Disorders
  • Rare Endocrine Disorders
  • Rare Pediatric Diseases
  • Rare Metabolic Disorders
  • Rare Vascular Disorders
  • Rare Skin Disorders and Diseases
  • Rare Congential Disorders
  • Rare Infectious Diseases
  • Rare Diseases in Neurology
  • Rare Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Rare Renal Diseases
  • Rare Genetic Diseases
  • Rare Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • Rare Developmental Anomalies
  • Rare Hereditary Diseases

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