Rare diseases in Nephrology

Some rare, or less common, diseases will cause urinary organ injury that ends up in chronic uropathy and kidney disease. a number of these rare diseases embody AL port syndrome, malady, Goodpasture syndrome, and Wegener’s granulomatosis. Many of those diseases occur within the context of inflammation and disease (eg, Goodpasture syndrome). Several rare varieties of inflammation may also cause major urinary organ issues designation begins with a physical communicating and taking an anamnesis. Sickness symptoms vary, however will embody swelling from water retention, blood within the excrement, urinary organ pain, anemia, elevated pressure level, urinary organ stones, and solution imbalances. Basic blood and excrement tests square measure sometimes enough to diagnose the existence of urinary organ issues, however typically not the precise condition. Imaging tests like ultrasounds or CT scans will facilitate aid in designation, as will a urinary organ diagnostic test to spot the precise sickness method

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