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Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a leading UK specialist paediatric centre, offering expert care to 90,000 children and young people from across the country every year. Providing the highest quality treatment and care to young patients, supporting their loved ones and advancing medical innovation has been the driving force behind the hospital since first opening its doors in 1862. Today, the award-winning, world-renowned hospital has a 3,700-strong team with a reputation for excellence in many life-changing specialist services, including the treatment of the most complex heart conditions, chronic liver and kidney disease, cancer, serious burns, epilepsy, neurology and cystic fibrosis. It’s also home to Europe’s largest single site paediatric intensive care unit, a 24-hour accident and emergency service

Organization for rare diseases India aims to empower patients and families affected by rare diseases with access to national and international resources to improve their quality of life. We strive to catalyze the rapid development and delivery of affordable diagnostics and treatments for rare diseases through innovative collaborations and partnerships among stakeholders for the benefit of patients. Hosting public awareness events, raise and distribute funds to support education and health of patients, creating and maintaining patients registries, facilitating scientific research, clinical trial participation of patients and patient advocacy are some of the ways in which we support the cause.

Ikris Pharma Network is company based in India offering excellence in medical treatment for unmet clinical needs. Ikris Pharma Network is able to source comprehensive range of products from across the globe, and having ability to supply any product. We offer all our customers worldwide access to the best available treatment. Ikris Pharma team working in almost all parts of the country, meeting Clinician and inform them about our services and based on their request we provide access of products to their patients. It also help patients in getting Import permit and Custom duty exemption certificates before importing the products. Ikris Pharma ensures 100% legal compliance. We have our sourcing office in Belgium. We have GMP certification of Belgium warehouse